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episode 36 season 1

100th_ 36 Calgary Scottish Roots
Or should I say Calaghearridh, meaning pasture by the bay

Todays Two Minute Tuesday we are looking at where Calgary got her name.

Two Minute Tuesdays Cover Art…

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast, with your host me, Valerie Moss todays show is short and sweet. I’m calling these Two Minute Tuesdays or TMT’s. As I’ve been doing more and more research for my episodes and working full time, it doesn’t leave enough in the kitty to record and produce timely, so instead of releasing less often I’ve decided to do these short spurts in between the full episode segments. Let me know what you think. My focus as always will be Calgary, this great city, and all that’s captured within it.

Enjoy the episode.

Scotland Castle

Recently the place at 142 years old, the home that gave Calgary it’s name has been sold!  This castle stands proud surrounded by the lushest forest enveloping it’s firm stone beauty. The grey fortress, boasting 10 bedrooms, and gothic looking windows, has a medieval look to it. A large inviting white door and beautifully kept vibrant green lawns surround the 11 hectare property. There was a bidding war across the globe as the property’s asking price was a merely $700,000 euros approx $1.2 million, however it went for higher with interest from some tire kickers here in Canada but ultimately europeans won over the property.

Q: What does “Calgary” mean?

A: Calgary is named after Calgary Bay on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. It was originally thought to mean “clear running water” but has since been defined as “bay farm”. Gaelic words Cala-ghearridh meaning pasture by the bay.

Calgary Sun Write UP
City of Calgary History
Local Histories about Calgary
Colonel James Macleod originally from Scotland

Thanks for listing to our TmTs on the Vsqared podcast. the intro and outro for this podcast is recorded by London Moss and the music I chose today is water works synth to reflect the water surrounding the old Calgary Castle in Scotland…if there’s something about Calgary or someone in Calgary that you’d like to know more about send me a note text or email to

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