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episode 62 season 1

The Valerie Series starts, me I’m up first!
Valerie, who are these amazing people

Episode 62

Valerie Jean Moss on the ‘Valerie’ Series

Me, Valerie Moss my Hubby Jeff and Daughter London

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss. This show is about ReViews InterViews and my Daily Views, it’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary. WhatEVER | WhenEVER, this show drops every Tuesday.

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Valerie Series…starting with Moi!

Todays episode is the start of a new series on the show the ‘Valerie’s series where I’m combing through the Emily’s, Christine’s Danielle, Jennifer’s and Michelle’s looking for the Valerie’s of the world. I rarely come upon women with the same name as mine. Once in Calgary and she ended up being a Valora. 

So come hang out with me and the ‘Valerie’s that will be featured on the show. Women like, One who collects shark teeth, one who loves pretty paper, one who can categorize your personality, one who can draw like no one i’ve met before, one who loves food but didn’t always and me, who loves to create. And so many more…

Me, Valerie Moss and my Hubby Jeff (date night #yyc)

My sister Janice has been on this show before in an early episode called ‘Broadcasting for Correstions’, she lives in Regina Saskatchewan and the best one for the role. She has a great radio voice too. I wanted someone who knew me well to InterView me.

My Pitch

“Morning Valerie, I run a podcast, Valerie’s Variety Podcast, it’s a weekly show about my life in Calgary, Re-Views and InTerViews. It’s a story podcast. Each week is a new story. I’m thinking of running a segment on “Valerie’s” (with a variety of spellings 🙂 to include questions like: Where are you from?, Where did you get your name? Who are you? A place to bring us all together. You interested? Since there isn’t many of us, this will be fun!! Let me know email me, Valerie@ValerieMoss.ca and check out my legitimacy at Valerie’s Variety Podcast

when checking if the ‘Valerie’ were interested…guess what they were!

Do you think there’s a thread that connects the Valerie’s? So far, one of the Valerie’s LOVES Moss so she’s in love with my last name…one of them is inspiring to be a Project manger…and I’m a PM. A couple of them run their very own podcast…hmmm, this sounds like it’s going to be fun hey?

Do you know a Valerie – if you do, please send them my way so they can join other like-named Valerie’s of the world…in this New ‘Valerie’ Series on my podcast, Valerie’s Variety Podcast.

Some of the questions I’ll be investigating within this deep rabbit hole searching and by-passing the Michelle’s, Jaime’s, and Jennifers – while honing in on the very few Valerie’s of the world will be:


  • What’s your Sign? Signs are HUGE to me I’m an Aries and I’m most compatible with Aries and Libras.
  • What’s your favourite number? Mine as my loyal listeners likely know is 17 (doesn’t it just have a nice ring to it).
  • How would someone describe you? Me, I’m driven, I’m organized, I need purpose, I’m better one on one, I like my life to be full by accomplishing things.
  • Who’s your favourite person (can be living or past on) and Why? hmm I miss my Gramma Ramsey, she wasn’t my true gramma for every sense of the word (must be related) but she was a good influence on me and cared for me and I felt that she truly loved me. RIP Gramma Ramsey.
  • On a scale of 1-10, how weird are you? What do you do that’s weird? I love to figure out how things are connected like if I get along great with someone, I will try to figure out why – same age, same sign?
  • Are you Frugal or a Extravagant? I’m Frugal, I’ll buy consignment clothes and things on sale for both myself and my daughter…way before I purchase something at full price. I have been known to have buyers remorse also. Plus, I’ll go without instead of spending money – I’m a saver.
  • and more..

Thank you Janice for helping me with this interview, asking me these questions, via remotely. Janice and I have been sisters since we were like 13 for her and 15 years for, me our parents in love…

And if you noticed I have this great background music for this new series. Tascam 128 called Valerie Valerie – written and produced and played by Jason Schnell same guy that wrote my original background music Tascam 40. 

Background Noise

You can hear my daughter and her friend in the background giggling while I record,. They are in the other room, and it’s a nice summer day so ….life’s good when the kids have the kiss of summer on their skin.

Thanks for listening today, and I hope you’re intrigued by this new series coming up on this show called ‘Valerie’. Those of you who have been listening from the start did you picture me like this? Are you like I didn’t know that about you or think of you like this? 

Know a Valerie or are a Valerie?

If you know a Valerie (tell me about her) or are a Valerie, please get in touch with me, I want to get to know you…we might drink wine together (white or red?) or have a tea (do you like London Fog’s). Just hang out become more acquainted. I’ve had so much interest into this right from early on, so thank you Valerie… I cannot wait to get started.

Anyway, thanks for hanging out with me today, leave me a rating on your podcast app, a comment and stay tuned we have some exciting shows coming up! See you next Tuesday!

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