InterView: Clare C. Marshall – Part TWO

Episode 64 Part TWO

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast, with your host me, Valerie Moss. This show is about ReVIEWS InterViews and my Dailys Views, it’s a story podcast about my life in Calgary. WhatEVER WhenEVER. This show drops every Tuesday!

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Today’s show is PartTWO of a 3 part series. If you haven’t listened to last week’s episode 63 PartOne go back and do this first as this week carries her story forward…

Clare C Marshall being InterViewed on Valerie’s Variety Podcast, reading from Sparkstone Sega Book ONE

Just a bit of a recap I’m interviewing Clare C Marshall, a Calgary Author who I found at a create market her in Calgary. Her and I are now friends. Spending a couple hours and several email threads, we are getting to know eachother. Honestly, I could listen to her read all day. She’s carasmatic, passionate about books and writting. When she first showed up at my studio, I asked her how her night was…she was up late writting as she had a brain surge she had to get onto paper.

In Part TWO we will explore more reading about this book, and sega called Sparkstone, we’re focussing on book one but there is 2 more books currently available and 2 more in the works…We talk about her connection to the Canadian references, it’s so neat to read a book and know where she’s talking about. We talk more about Clare and how she made her way west from her home so far East. Like we’re talking across country literally. Plus her shows to promote her book are across country, this girl puts on miles.

Her commentary about the ‘Angry Girl’ that is portrayed is so truthful, we all have people in our life that are angry and we remember an angry girl from school.

Clare C Marshall and Valerie Moss enjoying banter over her books Sparkstone SEGA

If you’re interested in reading along with me, check out her site and my site for all the details. Come take a lecture from the mysterious Jadore, don’t be late.

Enjoy the episode… 

Are you interested in this story now? What did you think about the characters with their amazing gifted personalities? Ingrid the protagonist is now getting settled and learning about her new circle of friend. Remember she’s only been there a few days when all of this is revealed.

Next week, is part THREE and the final part of my interview with Clare, she will do more reading for us, as I sit with my eyes closed and just listen to her. If you love her voice as much as I do, check out her weekly series where you can read a chapter and she narrates a chapter for you to listen. I’ll be starting this one soon.

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