Audacity Study Group – s2


In this second session, we are getting more into the groove of what we need to know and discuss more questioning items. This is an open members group – so if you’d like to become a member, please reach out to me leave a comment here or on YouTube and let me know your Audacity Questions that are lingering.


  1. Processing Edits, splicing in after
  2. Punch Copy Paste (installing plugins)
  3. Errors Markers (Dog clickers, who knew?)
  4. Removing Mouth Clicks
  5. Add & Remove Effects (only have the ones you need showing)
  6. Noise Reduction Settings
  7. Nyquist Plugins
  8. De-Clicker – De-Esser
  9. DAWs
  10. Noise Floor
  11. Limited
  12. Amplify
  13. Popping Ps
  14. Headphone Struggles
  15. Mono vs Stereo
  16. Wav vs MP3
  17. Audio Bit Recording
  18. Promoting AudioBooks
  19. Reviews
Session TWO – View – Limiter – Punch (and More)

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