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episode 91 season 2

Simple guide to learn & practice Buddhism meditation. Improve your happiness & reduce your daily stress & anxiety with mindfulness mediation training.

As you know, I’ve been dabbling into the wonderful world of audio books, now publishing more than 20 titles, I’ll feature these on my show every so often and maybe entice you to give a book a listen you wouldn’t typically think of. Maybe it’s Buddhism to improve your happiness, maybe it’s Wicca and learn about this nature based religion – maybe it’s about Keto the newest yet oldest way of eating. There’s links to all of these books in my show notes. Enjoy listen and leave me a review if you feel so inclined.

Todays Feature is

Buddhism for Beginners: Simple guide to learn and practice Buddhism meditation. Improve your happiness and reduce your daily stress and anxiety with mindfulness meditation training.

In this book you will learn

  1. Introduction – the different types of Buddhism: Schools, Theravada, Burmese, Mahayana, Nichiren, Vajrayana
  2. Spread of Buddhism and the course of events of the Dharma: Course of Events of the Dharma, Current Buddhism as in Buddhism today
  3. Impermanence In Buddhism: principle of impermanence and what it is plus rehearsing
  4. The Simple Guild to Learning: Right View of Life, Advantages of Right Understanding, a life plan, obstructions, unwinding, 5 precepts of controlling being careful with bias and propaganda, family life, practice of benevolence, liberating the mind, mindful breathing, confronting death with equanimity, the good buddhist
  5. Practicing Buddhism Meditation and types: Mindfulness, adoring kindness, empathy, grateful joy, composure practice, concentration meditation, zazen, reciting practices, Tonglen
  6. Meditation Techniques for Beginners and Others: Concentration, Body Scan, Self Metta (loving kindness), Strolling, being Open, Qigong, Day by Day Task, Thinking While driving
  7. Meditation Positions: Posture, positions for Beginners, Quarter Lotus Pose, Burmese Posture, Kneeling Meditation, Sitting in a chair, Lying Down, level flat on the ground, straight spine, full lotus, standing and strolling meditation
  8. Adoration and Kindness – cultivating an open heart, loving kindness, cherishing kindness, traditional betta meditation, cherishing kindness in daily life,
  9. How to Meditate: getting results and regular practice
  10. Mindfulness in Daily Life – mindfulness listening, careful listening, halting and listening, planned questions, reflecting back
  11. Careful Eating: Benefits, Techniques and reflections, when and the amount to eat and being tuned in when eating
  12. Monkey Mind – what it is and working with it, perceive the monkey mind, utilize the breath, develop metta (loving kindness), practice self-compassion, notice reactions to monkey mind, use awareness triggers, practice mindful consumption

Yes there’s a lot in this book but it is so valuable especially if you haven’t given this religious practice much thought in the past. I know I haven’t but I do reflect more on the mindful spirit now and being kind. No complaining, staying positive. Once time, someone said if you can think of something that made you smile – a few times a day – it sets you in a better mood. Think of this, a cute kitty or a dog, rolling around in their own moment, in the sun, doesn’t this make you smile? See I told you! or how about this one…see a baby giggle yep gotcha, it makes you feel good.

Here’a preview of one of the chapters, enjoy

there’s a link to this Audiobook, Buddhism for Beginners that I’ve narrated and produced on my blog – in these show notes so check it out and if you feel so inclined, leave a review! Follow me on Instagram FacebookPinterest

7 Chakras – What are these? – e86s2

episode 86 season 2


Recently, yours truly got accepted into the spoken word world with my first Audio book live on Audible. Wicca for Beginners by Amelia Greenwood and now I have my second book finally produced. Chakras for Beginners by Crystal Gland. This production avenue is something I’ve been working towards for several months and I am quite excited to have been accepted into his world of voice reading and producing audio books.

So today I’ll share with you this newest book Chakras for Beginners, the Ultimate guide to balancing and healing your chakras, guided mindfulness meditation to open your third eye and radiate positive energy through reiki teachings (Vegus Nerve).

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Chakras for Beginners

Chakras For Beginners

As with the previous book Wicca for Beginners, I knew nothing about this nature based religion- this new book I was asked to produce was on a subject I’m also not well versed in either, Chakras for Beginners. This book is so interesting about breathing into your core chakras and clearing these so you can function openly in your mind and body chakra areas – there are 7. Do you know what a chakra is?

Chakras are the circular vortexes of energy that are placed in seven different points on the spinal column, and all the seven chakras are connected to the various organs and glands within the body. These chakras are responsible for disturbing the life energy, which is also known as Qi or Praana.


The author usually provides a description of what they are looking for like vocal style American accent, inspirational, male or female preference, and more detail perhaps with the genre. or someone who can perform – I’ve read this several times. I wish I did better in my drama class in high school.

So, the author for Chakras for Beginners found me – the process through ACX

ACX is a marketplace where authors, literary agents, publishers, and other Rights Holders can connect with narrators, engineers, recording studios, and other Producers capable of producing a finished audiobook. The result: More audiobooks will be made. 

can work this way also – very flattering when an Author reaches out to you among the 109, 065 producers available today – like how does that even happen? It’s funny tho as I’ve had several authors reach out with their wants, can you do this in 5 days or quicker – the formula for a 3 hour book is times 3 – 3 hours of finished book takes approx 9 hours to record and edit – so when you work full time to produce a finished 3 hour book at minimum is 10 days. And book types, cookbooks, eating disorders, sexual positions, narcissistic personalities, more about Wicca and chakras. There’s so many options out there.

This author heard my samples loved my voice, my soothing relaxing voice. One thing about this book unlike the Wiccan for Beginners is the vocabulary, this was challenging but I think I did okay with the amazing words – thanks to YouTube and Siri for helping with the pronunciations.

from the website One Tribe Apparel – perfect map.

Here’s the Table of Contents for Chakras for beginners and a voice snippet of each one chapter:

  • Chapter 1:  Root Chakra – Muladhara (snippet) – 2 mins
  • Chapter 2: Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana (snippet) – 2 mins
  • Chapter 3: Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura (snippet) – 2 mins
  • Chapter 4: Heart Chakra – Anahata – 2 mins
  • Chapter 5: Throat Chakra – Vishuddha (snippet) – 2 mins
  • Chapter 6: Third Eye Chakra – Ajna (snippet) – 2 mins
  • Chapter 7: Crown Chakra – Sahasrara (snippet) – 2 mins
  • Chapter 8: Chakra Meditation (snippet) – 2 mins
  • Chapter 9: Reiki Chakra (snippet) – 2 mins
  • Chapter 10: Everyday Uses of Chakra Crystals (snippet) – 2 mins
  • Chapter 11: Guided Meditation – How to Meditate Correctly (snippet) – 2 mins
  • Chapter 12: Mindfulness and Positivity (snippet) – 2 mins

When I was conversing with the author, I offered to have them on the show but they chose to decline. Notice how I’m not sharing this person in more detail? It’s interesting as the Author Crystal Gland is the pen name – lots of authors do this – did you know that? I mean besides some famous ones like Stephen King- I didn’t think it was as common as it is – it is very common.


What do you think? Interested in learning more. I’m sure you have 3 hours in your daily commute to give this new genre of audiobook a chance. I have a request, if you’re interested, send me a note, text to my email, Valerie@ValerieMoss.ca and I’ll send you a code for a free credit to listen to this book – yes for free. In exchange, I’d love to get your feedback – write a review on Audible for me, tell me what you think of the production quality, my voice, my cadence, the overall sound, personality etc. I would love a review of this book and hey, while you at it – give my show a 5 star rating on your podcast app, leave me, Valerie’s Variety Podcast a review while you’re at it.

Here’s a referral link to buy the book – enjoy this intro to Chakras in Chakras for Beginners The ultimate guide to Balancing and healing your Chakras, guided mindfulness meditation to open your third eye and radiate positive energy through reiki teaching – vagus nerve.

Thanks for listening today, and if it wasn’t for all of you I wouldn’t have had the courage to pursue the Audible audiobook world. Thank you!

Want a free audio book code email me@ Valerie@ValerieMoss.ca or text me to this email also and I’ll send over your free audio book code for either Wiccan for Beginners or Chakras for Beginners – both are guides to bettering your view of the world and as a result have mindfulness and positivity.

Let me know if you want a free code – my pleasure to send over over to you – to check out these books. Anyway as always, thanks for listening and keeping me in your list of podcasts, with so many options out there competing for our time, It’s awesome to know that I’m one of your choices.

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Thank you to One tribe apparel for this awesome body map image of the 7 chakras

Talk to you next Tuesday

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