Mental Health – Challenge Me – e89s2

episode 89 season 2 (originally episode 46 season 1)

a personal story about mental health…

Todays episode is from my archive and a challenge I accepted early on in my podcasting life originally aired in Jan of 2019 episode 35, Mental Health Podcast Challenge, I thought I’d replay it for you since among the contestants I won with this story… I’ve remastered it. since May is Mental Health month and with the times of Covid_19 we are living in – it’s a most difficult time for so many people. I heard just the other day that ‘we are all in the same boat’ and honestly I don’t believe that we are. So me people don’t have jobs, some people had to defer their mortgage payments, some people had to move, some people have so much turmoil in their families that they can’t see the light at the end – we are not in the same boat. Period.

Remember, this too shall pass – like almost everything in life, this too will pass, we will hope to no be broken from this time however long it lasts and come out with a new mark on our character from this time – this moment.

While I continue to narrate and produce books in the self-help genre it is continuously teaching me about being mindful and being present in the moment if it’s good or bad, absorb it, let it be there for the time it needs to and then leave it on the side of the road – wash it down the drain. But you need to deal with it – take it on the chin, this way it will last a shorter period of time and not linger – because you’ve dealt with it. I believe this and try to help London process things like this also as taking it on the chin is better than leaving it to fester and linger – aversion.


Thank you for listening to the show today, it’s a hard episode for me to review again, but taking it in stride like more things dilutes the pain of the past and I enjoy the brightness of the future that much more. Until next time, stay safe, at a distance, and hug your close family tighter.

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