100th Episode: The Anglers Catch the Authors – e100p5s3

episode 100 part 5 season 3
The Anglers Catch the Authors

Todays show part 5 and the final part of our look back over the last 100 shows we end on my new theme, a great pattern to brighten up your bed, anglers, chakras, covid and more…enjoy this episode. We also have many clips from all of you sharing what you’ve learned after 100______ including mine. This was such an amazing look back reminiscing over these episodes, guests and more!

Episode 83 – EAT | READ | CREATE I needed a regroup, new theme, new goals and when I set these, things came to life!

Episode 84 – What 2 Do – What 2 Do A bit about my year (did you loose your job too) in a nut shell along with a few other peoples perspective – becoming a teacher and more, check this out.

Episode 85 – Easiest Spring Pillow Case & GiveAway  A fun project to brighten up your bed with new pillow cases, easy step by step instructions and a bonus giveaway!

Episode 86 –  Chakras, What are these? Another great audio book produced by your truly, Heart Chakra is positioned in your heart area and focuses on love, relationships and self acceptance…here’s the clip

Episode 87&88 – Valerie Butters OH MY goodness was this lady fun to interview, she’s a player of paint on canvas and is so real in her social posts it’s really a give in to follow her and learn from her wit, trials, paint and her life.

Episode 89 – Mental Health – Challenge Me This was a difficult episode to write about, I was part of a challenge and won based on these words, I feel like we all go through bouts of depression or sadness in our lives – here’s my story, this originally aired in season 1 episode 46 and think it’s even more valuable today.

Episode 90 – Guest Spot, On Being Human Podcast, I saved a Life An emotional retelling of a time I saved a life while on my honeymoon…

Episode 91 – Buddhism for Beginners One of my first audiobooks, and when I discovered the love to tell stories.

Episode 93 – It’s about the People A great InterView with a local Calgarian and Podcaster, Michael Montgomery who finds the stories behind the people, startups, home buyers and more, this is a 2 part episode.

Episode 94 – Black Cats & Magic Crystals An audiobook produced by me which was eye opening and interesting learning about this Nature Based Religion, Wiccan.

Episode 95 & 96 – She’s an Angler When I interviewed these two amazing women I didn’t know at the time even what an Angler was…what a fun and awesome episode with the two fisher women, you’re in for a treat! This is a two part episode.

Episode 97 & 98 – InterView with Liam Callanan and his book, Paris by the Book This book was a gift and a great read and I got to interview this ultra famous author and wow is he humble and in love with Paris!

Episode 99 – The Close of 2020 My year in review, Downs and some UPs a story of perspective and feeding the homeless, falling pants and giving back.

The Anglers Catch the Authors
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Buddhism for Beginners- UMMMMM – e91s2

episode 91 season 2

Simple guide to learn & practice Buddhism meditation. Improve your happiness & reduce your daily stress & anxiety with mindfulness mediation training.

As you know, I’ve been dabbling into the wonderful world of audio books, now publishing more than 20 titles, I’ll feature these on my show every so often and maybe entice you to give a book a listen you wouldn’t typically think of. Maybe it’s Buddhism to improve your happiness, maybe it’s Wicca and learn about this nature based religion – maybe it’s about Keto the newest yet oldest way of eating. There’s links to all of these books in my show notes. Enjoy listen and leave me a review if you feel so inclined.

Todays Feature is

Buddhism for Beginners: Simple guide to learn and practice Buddhism meditation. Improve your happiness and reduce your daily stress and anxiety with mindfulness meditation training.

In this book you will learn

  1. Introduction – the different types of Buddhism: Schools, Theravada, Burmese, Mahayana, Nichiren, Vajrayana
  2. Spread of Buddhism and the course of events of the Dharma: Course of Events of the Dharma, Current Buddhism as in Buddhism today
  3. Impermanence In Buddhism: principle of impermanence and what it is plus rehearsing
  4. The Simple Guild to Learning: Right View of Life, Advantages of Right Understanding, a life plan, obstructions, unwinding, 5 precepts of controlling being careful with bias and propaganda, family life, practice of benevolence, liberating the mind, mindful breathing, confronting death with equanimity, the good buddhist
  5. Practicing Buddhism Meditation and types: Mindfulness, adoring kindness, empathy, grateful joy, composure practice, concentration meditation, zazen, reciting practices, Tonglen
  6. Meditation Techniques for Beginners and Others: Concentration, Body Scan, Self Metta (loving kindness), Strolling, being Open, Qigong, Day by Day Task, Thinking While driving
  7. Meditation Positions: Posture, positions for Beginners, Quarter Lotus Pose, Burmese Posture, Kneeling Meditation, Sitting in a chair, Lying Down, level flat on the ground, straight spine, full lotus, standing and strolling meditation
  8. Adoration and Kindness – cultivating an open heart, loving kindness, cherishing kindness, traditional betta meditation, cherishing kindness in daily life,
  9. How to Meditate: getting results and regular practice
  10. Mindfulness in Daily Life – mindfulness listening, careful listening, halting and listening, planned questions, reflecting back
  11. Careful Eating: Benefits, Techniques and reflections, when and the amount to eat and being tuned in when eating
  12. Monkey Mind – what it is and working with it, perceive the monkey mind, utilize the breath, develop metta (loving kindness), practice self-compassion, notice reactions to monkey mind, use awareness triggers, practice mindful consumption

Yes there’s a lot in this book but it is so valuable especially if you haven’t given this religious practice much thought in the past. I know I haven’t but I do reflect more on the mindful spirit now and being kind. No complaining, staying positive. Once time, someone said if you can think of something that made you smile – a few times a day – it sets you in a better mood. Think of this, a cute kitty or a dog, rolling around in their own moment, in the sun, doesn’t this make you smile? See I told you! or how about this one…see a baby giggle yep gotcha, it makes you feel good.

Here’a preview of one of the chapters, enjoy

there’s a link to this Audiobook, Buddhism for Beginners that I’ve narrated and produced on my blog – in these show notes so check it out and if you feel so inclined, leave a review! Follow me on Instagram FacebookPinterest