Finished Quilting Project – Journey of a Quilter (235)

Sew remember my Journey of a Quilter bom from last year – it’s completely finished, and quilted by moi…as some of you might remember I took a class from Ana Buzzalino in Jan and have put my lesson to the test for both Journey and A Kittens Tale…here’s some inspiration, I hope for all of you:)

Best pics of the quilting are from the back…

Okay, Journey club members, how are your’s coming along…I’ve seen a few but would LOVE to see more finished tops:) Send me pics ladies…

And here it is at Heritage Park, Festival of Quilts this year…I’m super happy with how it was displayed…how many of you put their quilts into Heritage Park this year?

Cotton Floss (234)

Sew remember when I got that email from Leanne Beasley (the lady who designed Journey of a Quilter) regarding her magazine? Well what a huge success the Vignette has been…I can’t keep it on the shelves, I have another batch on order:) Good news right?

I wanted to sit down and take some pictures throughout the first two issues of the magazine but I sold them too quickly lol a good problem to have 🙂 When the next batch comes in I’ll blog a bit more detailed about them so you know what you might be missing – EVERYTHING like patterns, recipes, amazing pictures and projects, her completely heart squeezing block of the month and sew much more…

But this entry is about another surprise and new addition to Pastimes Online’s perfect pile of quilty goodies.

Natalie of Cinderberry Stitches emailed me asking if I’d be interesting in carrying her new book. It’s sew new it’s just hitting the post sometime in May!

It’s a new book by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches (she designed Truly Scrumptious, one of this year’s boms) called Cotton Floss, A gathering of stitched projects to charm and fascinate.

Those of you who love her style and follow her amazingly beautiful blog, must have this book !!

If you want to be added to the growing list of “reserve a copy for me please” then email me and I’ll add you.

The cost of the book hasn’t been finalized yet with shipping from Australia but it will be somewhere around $30 plus shipping from me to you for 64 beautifully coloured pages of musings from Natalie to motivate you and spur your inner stitching, sewing and quilting beauty.

Who knows, I may even pick some silks to coordinate with projects inside the book 🙂

Until next time, stay happy and creative

Quilting Gallery – Quilting Guilds (233)

Michele over at the Quilting Gallery has been super busy…she’s created a brand new section in her already abundantly full of all sorts of goodies and references in her website – for Quilting Guilds.

Quilt Guilds Directory

This listing spans the globe!!

I’ve inserted one for each of the Guilds I belong to – check them out:

Lakeside Quilters Guild in Chestermere, Alberta and The Flying Needle Quilt Guild in Millarville, Alberta.

Why not add yours today!!

The Quilting Blog (232)

Have you heard of this site before?

It’s a mash-up of all of the popular quilting and sewing blogs that we’ve come across from around the world and LOVE. Some are MY personal favourites and some have been submitted, why not submit yours today and link back to spread the word.

It’s a nice format to read, click through, search AND you can have your blog be a featured blog…so if you’re just getting started or need to refresh your blog, being in the “featured area’ would be a great promotional spot for you to gain more traffic. 

Like” us on Facebook for daily updates.

Our site get’s hundred’s of monthly readers a month who LOVE to quilt and sew, so why not spread the word:)

Show off YOUR Stuff (231)

Karen C submitted this photo, she’s part of our Block of the  Month Club – HocusPocusVille and we’ve been having a hard time getting the floss in from Weeks Dye Works so it’s put her in a “down time” position with her stitching…so she decided to make this for her daughter last month while she was waiting…how sweet is this?

Here’s Teena’s finished Scissor Keeper from my pattern – it turned out so great Teena, I’m loving the green silk!

For those of you who were part of the Journey of A Quilter Club last year…here’s Shannon’s finished TOP!!

Friday (today): Fun Quilts Trunk Show (230)


Attentional Everyone, Fun Quilts is having a Trunk Show tonight at Flying Needles Quilt Guild in Millarville Alberta, tickets are $10 at the door show starts at 7pm, refreshments and goodies will be served, PLUS there will be door prizes.

Be ready to be inspired by Bill Kerr as he shows us a barrage of quilting images, quilts, his new book details and sew much more.

Download the Flyer for more details. Email me with any questions. Would love to see you ALL there tonight!!

Come See Us & Get your Tickets (229)

My Lakeside Quilters Guild is having a Quilt Show THIS Saturday from 10-4 here in Chestermere showing off our wonderful collective works of quilting and camaraderie as a Guild.

We have TWO Amazing quilts this year for Raffle to raise funds for our local charities and community.

First Prize is this stunning New York Beauty (double + size) all batiks, a mixture of Paper Piecing and piecing, with stunning machine quilting.


Second Prize is and ABC’s Eye Spy Quilt – the perfect quilt for your niece, nephew, grand-son or daughter, or your very own daughter or son…all paper pieced using all of the novelty fabric we (our Lakeside Quilters Guild) could find – that was sure fun.

Who doesn’t LOVE a fun back on a quilt – for those of you who know me …I LOVE them!!

Tickets will be for sale starting this Saturday and will be $1. each for your chance to win 1 of these two quilts!!

Plus there will also be a Quilter’s Garage Sale where our Guild Sisters will be selling their own goodies, kits, fabrics, etc.

AND yours truly will have a table setup selling all of our favourite goodies from Pastimes Online!!

So if you’re wondering what do do on Saturday or you and hubby want to take a nice drive out to Chestermere, we’d love to see you!!

A Kittens Tale Goal (228)

As some of you know Kathy and I made a pact to get our Journey of a Quilter projects finished for Heritage Park but in the meantime our local quilt guild is having a show so we had to get these done by May 7th and not May 27th – big jump in finishing deadline but who doesn’t like a hard deadline anyway?

I got mine done – pics to come…

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to get my other BOM completed from 2010, A Kittens Tale for Heritage Park and now it’s pinned and ready for quilting.

Last Friday, Lori and I spent the day creating and sewing our hearts out (Friday’s are Sew days at my house, just call before you come). I finished the back for A Kittens Tale, I’m notorious for using up the left over scraps from the front (and all of the kits I cut each month) for the backs of my quilts, plus I LOVE scrappy and I love that a quilt can be just a cute from behind (lol not many things are).

Whenever I piece the back, I always use a slightly larger seam allowance like 3/8s or my needle placement is in the middle position. I always press my seams open to ease up on bulk and I try to backstitch at the beginning and end of each piece I add.

Tape in place, crawl around and slightly pull in all directions so it’s nice and taut, no wrinkles. Thanks Lori for helping me out with this. Isn’t it great to have an extra set of “quilters” eyes sometimes to help out:)

I do have it pinned and ready to quilting. 

Thanks to Ana Buzzalino for teaching me free motion quilting and getting me going and Leah Day for her 365 challenge. Thanks to both of these ladies I can honestly say “I’m getting this” and I can’t wait to get A Kittens Tale into my machine…only 20 days left to get it quilted – YIKES..bye for now lol better get at it!

Red Deer Quilt Show (25)


My Sister, her two boys and I ventured to the Red Deer Quilt Show recently, we met my Mum there and we were all inspired…

We were also supposed to meet some other ladies like my dh’s Aunt and a friend of ours from our Quilting Guild but they ended up running late. We had arrived at the show for first thing and it was so busy…busy like Christmas shopping…busy like when you turn around you bump into someone or they bump into you…I love going to this show because they do have a LOT of vendors and have some really great door prizes and of course the quilts are amazing… but when the show runs for only the Friday and Sat and not the Sunday too it’s so packed with people that one may not spend the time there that they would like.

Here’s some inspiration from the show for you today…I hope you enjoy!


Entries for April Blocks (227)

Jen – Life is Beautiful Blocks

Jen – Crazy Christmas Blocks

Jen E – HocusPocusVille Blocks

Karen – HocusPocus

Danielle with Truly Scrumptious

Kathy S – Pies and Tart Blocks

Heather – Life is Beautiful 

Heather D – Truly Scrumptious Block

Charlsey – Crazy Christmas 

Shannon – Crazy Christmas Blocks. She has a bit of a disaster this month with her blocks – which I’m sure we can all relate with…She ended up sewing both of her finished blocks together, when she went to do the decorative stitching on them…she ended up sewing the two of them together 🙁 not just once but 3 separate times…aww Shannon, what a pain but your blocks look great and they’re finished on time!!

Beth  – just under the wire. Beth’s an accountant and during tax season it’s hard for her to find time for herself – but she did get her blocks finished, nice going Beth!!


And the winner is…{drum roll please}

Heather D – Congrats Heather!!

You win a pair of Machine Quilting Gloves by Fons and Porter let me know if you’re sized small (red) medium (blue) or large (yellow) and I’ll drop those in the mail to you 🙂