Canada Post Strike Over (245)

Update!! The Canada Post strike is officially over, we (Canadians) should start to be receiving our goodies in the mail come Tuesday afternoon of this week!!

Here’s a good article I found regarding the update.

Thanks to Monica from Totally Tea as I have my order pending with her to be shipped and she is shipping it Canada Post (I emailed asking her for another method of shipping to ensure it’s arrival and she said that the Strike is over so thus shipping it the standard way) – YAY!! Thanks for the good news Monica :)) I’m super happy now!

What a nice way to start off my Monday.

I do realize there will be a huge backlog of mailing that’s been sitting for the last week or so so please be patient with your Postal Workers they are doing their job and we will get our goodies soon!!

Happy Monday all!

Canada Post Strike (244)

Well ladies, this isn’t a post I want to do but thought I should get this info out there for everyone to know and be aware of as the time is starting near when I bundle up your block of the month kits for another month…but with this full strike there won’t be any mailing happening soon 🙁

From what I hear (local Post office said yesterday as well as my dh heard on the news yesterday) the union went into “talks” again on Monday…but if the Government orders them back work they have 72 hours so another 3 days before that happens…

Here’s the latest video clip I’ve found saying the back to work order was tabled, how frustrating for the small business’s of Canada.

If you have any insight for me, I’d appreciate the heads up!!

Thanks everyone.

Review: Vignette Issue 2 (243)

Sew for Issue 2 you’re in luck as it’s pretty much just as great as Issue 1 with more recipes, tantalizing photos, and inspiration..She’s gone and done it – made an awesome magazine…

Here’s your preview, thread that looks like you could just take it off the page…

This Raspberry Crumble makes my mouth water..yummy!

More inspiring photos…this octagonal english paper piecing looks like an awesome project…ooooh I must remember to save a copy for myself this round 🙂

Until next time, stay happy, make a good recipe and be creative…Valerie

Review: Vignette Issue 1 (242)


As promised, here’s my review of the Vignette Magazine by Leanne Beasley (remember she designed Journey of a Quilter)…I’m in LUV! I LUV the pictures, the colour saturation in the photos, the PHOTOS are amazing, the recipes, the full colours stitchery images, all of the projects and inspiration…here’s my review and your preview. I’ve sold out of all of my copies so far so good as they say…more en route because YOU just can’t get enough:)

How about curling up in this chair to do your stitching – looks perfectly comfortable for me and Tig!

this just says how I feel each and every day

Last but not least or should I say the main part of this mag is this incredible 16 part block of the month project starting from Issue 1. See Kathy’s start in this recent blog post, Show off YOUR Stuff, she may just inspire you.

If you’ve read this magazine I’d love to hear your review and if you’ve started the block of the month, please send me some pics…I haven’t decided if I want to start this now or next year Yikes…not sure what to do here as I can’t possibly add another block of the month to my existing 5!!! Until next time stay happy, dry, and creative! Valerie

Cotton Floss Book Review (241)

This is our newest only book that we’re carrying…that’s because Natalie emailed me asking me if I’d be one of the few Canadian shoppes carrying it – I, with pleasure accepted the challenge…so far it hasn’t been to hard to accept this challenge as I sold out of the book from this post.

I love it!! It’s a true gem and would make a great addition to your sewing/quilting and embroidery books in your present stash.

Cinderberry Stitches, Natalie’s company has an amazing way of putting whimsy into everything…she makes you believe in fairies and the cuties in life and takes you back to being a little girl with dreams. All of these come through in the stitcheries she and her team design.

All 12 projects are in full colours and full sizes so no photocopying – thank YOU Natalie:)

Her photos throughout the book are sew inspiring and absolutely delightful…



Sew if you feel so inclined to purchase it for your stash…I have more copies on order so not to worry:) they are on their way…

Kind Words: Bev (240)

Sew after my article came out in the Quilter’s Connection Magazine (post 239, yesterday) Bev sent me these kind words…thanks sew much Bev for taking the time to write in.

I just found your website in Quilter’s Connection Magazine. Loved the article and am very curious about your site. Would like to receive your newsletter, and read your blog.  Will take my time browsing on your site and maybe do some shopping. Great to find Canadian sites and magazines. Your teas look very interesting, as I have never tried loose teas, I think it would be a nice change. Bev M.

What a nice note…I hope you’ve had a chance to check out the magazine or you can order it here

Fun Quilts Trunk Show (27)

Flying Needles Quilt Guild and Fun Quilts recently put on an amazing trunk show featuring all of the quilts from Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr’s latest book, Quilts Made Modern. This Stunning book which you can purchase here through Amazon at an excellent price.

Here’s a snapshot of the Fun Quilts trunk-show and all the beauty they had to offer…I hope you enjoy. And if you’ve read this amazing book and would like to leave a review, I’d love to hear from you. This amazing quilt(s) was inspired by the small houses in Chicago and when you look out your window you see the brick of another you can see birds on a wire, well sort-of:) Isn’t this adorable with the simple background, amazing quilting and the cutest little birds one would want to see? 

This quilt was based off of a “postage stamp” style, with it’s simplicity in the stitching and the hand-quilting..yes Weeks did this by hand, unbelievably perfect!! The colours just make me and maybe you feel super cheery, love this one!!

Here’s all the gals ogling over another quilt – sew adorably contemporary.

And yet another one to wet your palette with stunning colour and curves…amazing I say!

This one here had me at “hello”, just the colours alone brought me in nice and close…brown and orange so different for me but I LOVE it!

Sew to sum this one up, well worth it from the refreshments and hospitality from Flying Needles Quilt Guild to the peaceful atmosphere of being in the Millarville Church to being surrounded by Quilters – I would say this trunk show was an absolute hit! Thanks so much to Bill Kerr for taking the time to come see us, teach us, inspire us and leave us ever-changed!

If you were one of us lucky ones who got to see the trunk show and/or took his workshop, please leave me a review to share with everyone:) Thanks sew much!

Lakeside Quilters May Show (26)

Here’s all of us setting up and being silly on the Friday for our quilt show recently held in Chestermere, Alberta. We had a great time setting up and being inspired by each other’s work.


Again, the “crew” after a hard days work…standing in front of our Raffle Quilt (raising funds for charities in our community)…isn’t it nice when everyone’s smiling:)

lots of inspiring…colours…stitching…applique…

and more for everyone to see…

Thanks for checking out our show…maybe this fall you’ll have a chance to stop by and say hi! Thanks to everyone who made the trip out, found parking and visited!!

Entries for May Blocks (238)

Heather D – Life is Beautiful Blocks

Kathy B – Life is Beautiful Blocks – see how she changed her sashing colour – if you want to change yours just let me know 🙂

Kathy S – pies and tart blocks

Jen E – HocusPocus Blocks

Robyn Y – Crazy Christmas Blocks

Now…what should be the prize??

The Winner is number 3, Kathy B – congrats Kathy!!!