Selling it All

The time has come to sell it all and that’s just what I’ve done. My cupboards are bare, the packing is beginning and the time has come to turn the next corner.

I’m feeling super happy with this new change.

I’ve sold all of my cottons, when you price them at $3/m they tend to go pretty fast. I still have a bit of silks, matching poly threads, floss and a few magazines and books left. So getting there.

I’m onto packing mode though as in less than 1 week we will be moved into our new place. So exciting.

I have my moments of “am I making the right decision?” And “I hope London adjusts well in the new home”.

I start school tomorrow, so yet another notch in the new cap. We’ve decided we needed a goal for our new journey we are calling them the “Ls”
– Location
– London
– Love
– Learning

I’m being honest about things, embracing the living part of life and being connected with more people on a truer level.

I’ll keep you posted!

Total change over

Since we are on the path to new…I’ve decided to change the do.

It feels amazing. It’s super easy to
Do. And I feel free and refreshed!

I’ve had long hair most of my life…well except that time when I was about 5, maybe 6. My grandmother told me I didn’t take care of my hair so she took me to this hair dresser closet place. It was like in the back of an old woman’s clothing store. I still remember it. This woman took these giant scissors and just started hacking off my hair…I balled. Then for school photos that year, I looked like a boy. Horrible memory.

This new look came from a fantastic experience. I feel new and great. Even though deep down I’m realizing it may be a mid life crisis and I’m
Embracing it all.