Around the Net: Yarnbombing (139)

So today for my Around the Net, I was over at Susan’s blog which is so adorablely named…Hanging On by a Needle and Thread and she was talking about “Yarnbombing” strange hey?

It’s graffiti in knitting and crocheting, isn’t that a riot? It’s to bring awareness to this art and boy is it ever interesting…

Here’s a few photos, have you ever seen this before?

Until next time, 

Around the Net: Deanna’s Quilt Shop (132)

So for my Around the Net today it’s actually Around the Town:) because recently we were camping in Brooks, Alberta and of course I had to stop at the Quilt Shop, if there was one and there was…it’s heaven.

Is it wrong for one Quilt Shop Owner to visit another quilt shop? Deanna and I had a fab time together, she taught me all about Locker Hooking and I taught her all about Temari Balls. She was an absolute delight.

Here’s what I bought, all of the stuff I need to get started “hooking” as Deanna put it!

The book, with adorable stories and designs

the mesh: you use as your base

the hook: to pull your fabric through and the twine

Twine: used to keep fabric from coming through the mesh, you don’t see it when your finished.

So now that I have a new love, have you tried this before… I need to go and find some scraps…see you later 🙂

Around the Net: Our World (128)

Welcome back to Pastimes Online, do you ever come across a video that just sticks with you or a photo that you just can’t seem to stop thinking about or something someone said that is like glue to your brain or you’ve watched something on TV that makes you think?

I come across these things all of the time and I’m going to start sharing them with all of you…sometimes I’m not sure how “personal” to get on my blog but then sometimes I read personal things on YOUR blogs and think…huh that’s happened to me too or something similar, so from now on I’m going to start sharing a few little tidbits about what I’m thinking with you that isn’t quilting related…I hope that’s okay?

This Segment will be called “Me Mondays”

For today…I wanted to share this video that I can’t stop thinking about and I’ve wanted to post this for sometime it’s from Sheila’s Blog as she provides me with so much inspiration…

Tell me your thoughts – is this real? Are the proportions correct? Truly Humbling.


Around the Net: Pinwheel Tutorial (125)

OH MY G!! Sheila has found the perfect pinwheel tutorial and I wanted to share it with all of you.

The only difference between this and your standard method of drawing two diagonal lines on point then sewing is…when you cut the half square triangles apart they finish smaller.

Standard method of drawing the diagonal lines:
2 squares that are 3″ you get 2 half square triangles that are 2.5″

This new method:
2 squares that are 3″ you get 4 half square triangles that are 1.5″

I’m going to for sure try this with the next pinwheel blocks I need done!! Thanks Sheila

Around the Net: New Sewing Machine Tool & Sponsorship (123)

So I’m gazing around the net and I come across Sheila’s Blog and she’s writing about this new gadget for our sewing machines…interest piqued?

It’s used to make perfect circles & curves and is supposed to be adaptable for all makes and models and years – can you say, bliss? Someone actually invented something so universal? Check out this site Just Curves as she is the inventor of this great gadget. I love piecing and I love piecing curves even more 🙂 Thanks for this!!

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Around the Net (120)

Today for my Around the Net – which I must say I’ve been lagging behind on my posts as I haven’t found anything that has WOW’d me for a while now, part of it is I haven’t been looking and part of it that special thing hasn’t crossed paths with me to share it with you 🙂

Today I found this great blog and site called Swapdex which is just that, a collection of swaps that are being held around the net 🙂 So go on over to Jenna’s site and see what you can find 🙂

Around the Net: Sublime Stitching (entry 109)

Jenny over at Sublime Stitching posted a question on her Facebook Fan Page asking her stitching followers what are the tools that you can’t live without? I’m becoming more of a stitcher everyday, incorporating embroidery into my Block of the Month Clubs I’m loving the stitching part. I love the patchwork and the combination of stitching in the same block, I do some work at my beautiful sewing machine and I also can do some of the work in front of the TV, it’s perfect!

Anyway, back to Jenny, here’s the list she compiled and all of the links for you to find these goodies:

This iron-on transfer pen seemed to be #1, sounds very interesting

Clip-on reading light “for PM stitching” know ladies who have this and love it

Lightbox – which I was recently given one and boy do I LOVE my lightbox, thanks Carla

Thread Heaven, haven’t used this but heard good things about it

Seam Ripper, here’s a link to the one I carry.

Sticky Stabilizer, sounds like that sticky wax paper stuff?
(different from iron-on)

Magnifying Light, haven’t needed this

Punch Needles – this is something I’m very much considering getting into – any of you do punch needle?

Needle Nest, personally I love my tuffets.

Water Erasable Pen, have one of these

Tracing Paper, haven’t had a need for this

Laying Tool, I want one of these but not sure why?

Floss Organizer, have one of these and LOVE it!!

Thanks so much Jenny for posting this list now I have a shopping list of my own 🙂