Around the Net (entry 31)

So around the net I go…here’s what I found for this weeks entry:

Machine Quilters Resource (pretty self explanatory however they offer classes and lectures, memberships are required, she puts in her recommendations from Houston etc – great site full of interesting facts and information).

Now with so many blogs being available and so many places to search for excellent quilting blogs like 

Quilting Bloggers 

Quilting Bloggers Logo 

 Quilter Blogs Similar to Quilting Gallery but they have a feed 

of course the infamous Facebook – here’s the link to my fan page (which you have to be a facebook member to join as a fan but you can still read along if you don’t want to join) there is unlimited access to all sorts of quilting clubs, groups, exchanges, challenges, swaps & so much more on Facebook so I would recommend you get an account.

I also found this blog called Man Quilter him and wife do professional machine quilting and quilting out of their home studio in Edmonton…check him out – so worth it! On his blog I found this amazing video on Zentangle for those of you who do know that this is – check it out!

If there is a site/forum/blog that you like and want to share with us all..please send me your comments as the more resources we have available to us the more we can excel in what we do and how well we can do it.


Around the Net (entry 28)

Hi Ladies, I’ve been doing a bunch of googling on quilting in Canada, quilting forums, communities, local quilting and I’ve found some good resources.

You can setup Google Search Alerts – anytime you want to know what people are searching for you can setup your search alerts with Google and they are automatically sent to you via email and or RSS feed.









I’ve setup several now & I will update you when I start getting stats back on some of my terms to see how this will work.

Also, years ago when I started quilting I belonged to many forums where I learned so much about the quilting community and how people can help each other out with simple questions or problems – other people in the group are so open about divulging the information needed. Here’s some of the forums I’ve stumbled upon

The Quilt and Needle (love the look and feel of this one – they are laying it out like it’s a local pub where you can go and chat about quilting)

Quilters TV (a great community for shops, teachers, they have videos and list their TV programming and channels – I may have to do some more digging on this one)