I’m a Sponsor (333)

Weekly Themed Quilt ContestsHi all, I’m a sponsor this week over at Quilting Gallery, thanks for having me back again Michele it’s always a pleasure to meet new quilters and show them something special to me, Valerie from Pastimes Online. This weeks theme is embroidery, something that I only tried a couple of times a few years ago, then I wanted more and more projects that included stitching beautiful embroidery stitches – now I just can’t get enough.


This block from our Block of the Month called Vintage Sewing Machines, using simple stitches like stem, back-stitch and french knots – well maybe a few lazy daises too.  
Here’s our very own pattern, Chenille Scissor & Needle Keeper showing simple backstitch, french knots, whip stitch and stem stitch. These are such a great gift idea – this one was for my mom.

Here’s one set of flowers off of the border to our Block of the Month in 2010 called A Kittens Tale, we changed the border completing 127 yo-yos including these gorgeous stems and leaves – completed in the stem stitch.

Here’s the completed top!

Here’s an egg from our newest Block of the Month, Every Bunny’s Welcome showing back-stitch and stem stitch – isn’t this super cute?

So as the sponsor this week, I’ve put together an embroidery kit including…floss, needles, and a special pair of snip scissors by my all time favourite Scissor Manufacturer, Gingher – all my most favourite things to stitch with. The Floss is hand dyed Weeks Dye Works Floss – a dream to stitch with and I just love the names of each floss – they are so perfect! The needles are what I include in every kit as they give you a good range of sizes to see which one you  may like the best.

As always, I look forward to your comments and sending out the prize to the winner this week – how fun! I do have a quarterly NewsLetter, The Times if you’re interested in signing up.
Until next time, stay happy and creative, Valerie


e-Interview with Kim Hanson & Prize (215)

To finish off this special e-Interview, Kim’s overing an adorable smelly pillow pattern and kit…Sew how do you win? Give us your feedback here and on Kim’s Blog. Thanks for spending the time here today and getting to know Kim a bit better:)

Until next time stay happy and creative, Valerie


TIP: A simple Rule of thumb: The more you love your design the quicker you’ll finish

I’m going to be a Guest!! (171)

So I got this amazing call this morning, yes someone phoned me because she hearts me and my quilty stuff…I’m so priveledged…Madame Samm wants me to be a guest blogger over at Stash Manicure, I’m so super excited. I’ve been rushing around all afternoon taking pictures of this and that for my special post coming up Nov 10th!! someone contain me 🙂

Stash Manicure is an excellent site chalked full of all the latest and greatest when it comes to quilty goodness…so stop on by and familiarize yourself and please check back Nov 10 when I’m in the spotlight, it will be so much fun!!

Until next time…stay happy and creative!!