Media: Within a Quarter Inch & Quilt Dash (entry 51)

One more entry for today, I seem to be on a roll and I almost feel like I miss my blogging world lately, it must be the Christmas spirit in me that makes me feel like I need to connect more, does this happen to you also?

I decided to sponsor two sites: Within a Quarter Inch and Quilt Dash.


Some of you may recognize Within a Quarter Inch as I’ve talked about Alison Rosen before and how much I love her podcast. Just just like the rest of us, trying to squeeze one more precious minute out of the day with something creative. She’s a mother of twins and she loves to quilt, talk about her latest purchase and all sorts of crafty things. I’m not sure how she finds the time and the budget for what she produces…but good on her and we love her for it. I’ve sponsored some episodes of her show and she is having a quilt contest for people to be entered IF they leave a comment on my site here.

So thanks Alison for donating a prize and for doing such a great job on my sponsorship commercials 🙂

I’m also sponsoring a site called Quilt Dash. This is a site where you can register for the “dash” which means they give you a list of the online stores you need to visit (aka dash to) and find the “clue” and then click on it and you get points and entered into a draw…I gave an excellent prize of the 5″ Elena Scissors which is such a nice addition to your quilting supply of’s been very interesting watching the traffic come through my site!!

Thanks to all of you for your support, it’s so appreciated and I love hearing from you…

WIN: Quilters Connection Magazine (entry 45)

Hi everyone, I just received the new Addition of Quilters Connection Magazine and I must give a shout out to Heather, “Great Job!!” I read it from cover to cover and wanted more 😉 For those of you who are from far and wide reading my blog like Rachel D may not totally get us Canadians and our love for Hockey and winter nights but then again you may love it as much as we do! 

My cotton thread cones have also been featured under their “Favourite Finds” section I’m so excited!! My first magazine spotlight!!

I have one available to WIN, so to WIN what you need to do is send me your favourite Christmas storey. Tell me something about when you were a kid and your strongest memory of what Christmas was to you and your family. Also, for all of you readers who feel shy to leave a comment, please just for this one time even, leave your storey for all of us to read.

For me, it was hunting through the wilderness searching for the “best” tree we could find with my Grandpa. All of us Grandkids trudging through the snow…seems like we picked every tree…but Grandpa always got final say :). We would decorate it as a family listening to Christmas Music – great memories.

I’ll draw the winner Monday December 14th.

Thanks so much for all of your support and comments with my other blog postings as I love the feedback.

Until next time…Valerie