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episode 72 part 1 season 1

Whiskey & God, let’s review this Great Book, The God’s Chair.
Author Talk on E.C.Varga with her new book The God's Chair book 1 of the Weavers Chronicles.
Calgary Author, Constance Varga is sitting down with me, Valerie Moss about her new book, The God’s Chair

Episode 72

Welcome back to Valerie’s Variety Podcast today shows is in along the lines of a ReView a new book ReView and another Calgary Author that I personally know. We are discussing her E.C. Varga’s new book called The God’s Chair. Book 1 of the Weaver Chronicles. Constance Varga has become a very dear friend of mine in and out of the dojo. Over the next few episodes we will get to know her and her book in more detail and once I read it – I’ll likely have her back on to complete all of my new questions. Find me at ValerieMoss.ca On Instagram @ValerieJMoss and Pinterest @VJMoss and Facebook @ValeriesVarietyPod

pairing whiskey with words discussing Constance Varga's book The God's Chair

This interview isn’t like any other that have been recorded in my Studio 17 – we paired whisky and words, dug deeper into this first book’s origins and I still want to know more. come along with me and Contance, get to know our banter like old friends.

Pairing Whiskey with Words

We are pairing Constance’s letters on paper from this book  with Whiskey – yes poeple whiskey. When I asked Constance (love her name) what she would like to have in the studio wine, tea, coffee…she said whiskey. I bought a variety of airplane bottles and displayed them along with small sipping dessert glasses with stems in a multitude of colours, sides of coke, Ginger ale and water and we just drank them neat. I had these stored in the freezer until she arrived so they were also chilled.

Part ONE

 What did you think about part one, have you seen this beautiful book lining the sheleves at Chapters?

Are you familiar with the Transylvania region? Do you know any of these amazing words she so beautifully roles off her tongue? Next week we will get to know more about the book, the background and the this Calgary Author Constance Varga EC Varga and The Gods Chair.

Find Constance at ECVarga.com Instagram @ECVarga on Facebook @ECVarga

You can purchase and find Constance’s book at any Calgary chapters (or at her online store), she can also be found over-there frequently signing books submersing herself in the fun of the largest bookshelves around like minded people.

Next week, we will delve more into the book, the people and learn more about Constanc’s thoughts surrounding the magical place of Transylvania and her husbands heritage.

Talk to you next Tuesday.