Winner(s) for 200th Blog (211)

Well, we have a WINNER, 2 actually for our 200th blog post giveaway. I did this blog a couple of weeks ago and asked for funny stories, we only have 2 entries but they were both pretty funny so both WIN…enjoy:

Beth told this story:

Your story reminds me of a time I was just sewing too fast. I needed to get a project done for our guild show n’ tell the next morning. “I can whip something up in one night”, I thought brashly to myself. I decided to make a Christmas table runner by putting together some 1/2 square triangles and rectangles to form primitive hearts. I don’t need a pattern – how simple is this! I attached the 1/2 square triangles to the top of the 1/2 rectangles to form the heart. Easy-peasy. Now sew those parts together – no need to double check what it looks like – it’s only 4 pieces per heart. There, in no time, 14 blocks are done! – better go to the ironing board and open up the pieces to iron them. As I started opening them up – what!! – my beautiful Christmas hearts were – Christmas kites!! I took my failed blocks to the guild the next day to show them my hard-learned lesson of ‘haste makes waste’. My friend, Jan, thought that was a great joke and proceeded to make me a small wall hanging for Christmas – of course, lovely Christmas Kites flying on a snowy winter background. Jan’s quilt hangs above my sewing machine year round to remind me to “check, check, and double-check”!

Then Jen submitted this story:

Well I’ve only been to two quilt retreats. The first one was simply wonderful and I especially loved the late night singing of old camp songs. “The old grey mare just ain’t what she use to be….” “My eyes are dim I cannot see, I have not brought my specks with me…”

But my funny story happened at my last retreat. We were all bunking in different cabins and when I called it a night my cabin was an ice chamber. I couldn’t figure out what was going on – but at the same time, I am either boiling or freezing so I didn’t know if it was just me. I put on my fleece pajamas, wooly socks, toque and into my sleeping bag. During the middle of the night I got up and layered myself in every, and I mean EVERY piece of clothing I had packed and I couldn’t get warm. It was October and quite chilly. I think I might have been warmer outside sleeping. I looked ridiculous in all my clothes. The next morning I was up early – or didn’t sleep at all, not sure which sipping hot chocolate trying to warm up when one of the ladies came in and I told her my woes. She told me that each cabin had a heater, just had to turn it on. I will never forget that again.

This time, in case, I’m bringing more clothes. 🙂


Thanks for your submissions ladies, they both gave me a good chuckle. Enjoy your patterns and if you make these quilt or projects please send me your photos:)

Until next time stay happy and creative,

Winner for Amber’s Draw (119)

Hi Everyone, we (Amber and I) are pleased to announce the winners for the draw, it’s commenter number 5 Heather…Congrats Heather D, since you are also a club member for our block of the month clubs I have your address and will forward to Amber to send you the patterns!!

We chose commenter number 27 Terry B first – who is a friend of Amber’s so she is going to deliver the patterns to her and Amber decided since she new Terry she would like to draw a second time so someone she did’t know (but would like to get to know further) would win a set of her adorable patterns.

Now if you two feel so inclined when you receive the patterns to whip one up please don’t hesitate to send me and Amber your finished pics 🙂

Thanks to everyone who took the time to stop by and leave a comment by getting to know Amber a little more 🙂

Have a FAB weekend!!

Winner of the 100th Blog Post Giveaway (113)

Hi Everyone, thanks so much to all of you who left a comment congratulating me on my 100th blog post, here’s kudos to all of you 🙂

Mishka at Quilting Gallery

Vivian at Northern Needles was my e-interview for May

Jenny at Sew Colorful

Sandy at Sandy Quilts


Jocelyn at Happy Cottage Quilter

Lee at Lala’s Lovelys

Sequana at here flickr Page


Anya at Hills Creek Quilter


Linda at Bumble Knit

Sheila at My Empty Nest is Full of Cat Hair


Karen at Lee Haven

Wendy at Inky Threads


Andrea at Millions of Thoughts Trapped in my Head

(she will also be our next e-interview for June)

Vicki at Dotty Jane Designs

Krista at Poppy Print Creates



And the Winner is Karen by using (Random Number Generator) over at Lee Haven, thanks so much Karen for checking out my blog and leaving me a comment, I’m pretty sure you came across my blog through Cathi’s right?

A gorgeous bundle of Dupioni Silk Quarters, Quilters Tea and my very own Scissor Keeper Kit and Pattern with all of the goodies, please send me your address (separate email) and I’ll send this out!!

Thanks everyone for all of your support and kind words, it mean so much to me 🙂

Until next time have a happy and creative day, 

Winner: Guest Blogger Comments (entry 67)

Hi all, so last Wednesday I was a featured Guest Blogger on Quilting Gallery’s website and I had a contest running on my website for a draw based on comments…The winner is Deb V and here’s the comment she left:

Just found your blog today. Went over to Quilter’s Gallery and read your story. Really glad I found a local quilt blog to read. Thanks for the great tutorial on making chenille.~Deb V

Thanks Deb for taking the time to visit my site and review my podcast video – it makes this all worth while especially when I have new people commenting and following my blog. Please send me your address so I can send out your PRIZE. As I mentioned it will be something silky 🙂

Until next time…have a happy and creative day!

Within a Quarter Inch Contest: Winner (entry 66)

Hi Ladies, the winner for the Within a Quarter Inch comment/quilt contest has been drawn and the lucky lady is …drum-roll please…Gloria J from Massachusetts, USA…congrats Gloria – Allison Rosen will be contacting you with further details.

I would like to extend a big thanks to Allison for putting up these lovely prizes and for all of you who took the time to visit through my store and blog, so appreciated!! I sure hope you will stop by again soon 🙂

(option one, love it!)

(option 2, now which one would I pick?)

Also, I have to give Allison kudos for my logo name change to include “and the world” I was thinking of adding something to this logo tagline and then when I heard my first sponsor ad on the podcast I snagged Allison’s wording – so thanks for that also:)

The contest isn’t over so anyone who leaves a comment that hasn’t left one already after January 1st ( I see Pam’s comment, only) will be entered into her second draw (which ever quilt from above that isn’t chosen) Yay!! come join the fun ladies!!

Until next time…have a happy and creative day!