Show off YOUR Stuff (314)

I LOVE seeing complete projects, here’s Robyn’s Crazy Christmas block of the month – I wanna picture of the back too please Robyn 🙂

What a nice job, the charcoal silk sashing and border is stunning too…look who’s peaking over the quilt – aww Robyn’s kitty… ^.-.^

Robyn’s hand work is stunning…so peticular and her perfectionism

Thanks for showing me your finished project Robyn, how inspiring…

Send me your projects ladies…I’ll brag about them here and inspire everyone…

Show off YOUR Stuff (313)

So Carole is a new Member of our Lakeside Quilters Guild and she is a super “let’s get this done” quilter – don’t we just love these? She fell in love with journey when she saw it in my booth at the first show of ours she attended as a newbie to our guild.

Here’s what mine (left) and Kathy’s (right) Journey of a Quilters turned out like – and this is what Carole fell in love with.

Here’s her version, some of you will recognize some of the colours in here and some of these fabrics will be from Carole’s choice – I haven’t seen it completed…Carole please bring it for show and tell when you can, I’d love to see it finished!

I just love that she used metallics – what a great addition.

This one is still available as a block of the month – but pattern only or pattern and silks kit if you’re interested, just let me know 🙂

Show off YOUR Stuff (310)

So here to show off HER stuff is Lori from Lola Stichida she’s busy working on quite a few projects from Pastimes Online and others – sound familiar lol…

Here’s her version of Journey of a Quilter

And A Kittens Tale done in this original colours…how cute is this?

And I just absolutely love this one, Life is Beautiful…it is so much fun (and we still have a kit or two left in these colours, if your interested, please let me know)

Thanks Lori for showing us YOUR projects, and please stop by her blog and say hi!

Show off YOUR Stuff (311)

Today is all about Danielle, I’ve been wanting to post this for so long…Danielle was over for a stitching day with the girls and finished her Dad’s quilt. We has so much fun choosing the pattern and colours for this and then she made it her own by rounding the corners..isn’t the binding super with the straight lines – love this!

Notice the little bit of piecing in the back…I think I’m rubbing off on people 😉

Show off YOUR Stuff (308)

Another round of showing off YOUR stuff…here’s Shannon’s completed Crazy Christmas block of the month…this one turned out so incredibly gorgeous…if you want to own one of these complete kits – just let me know as there is still some available…so stunning!!

This quilt will look so great in Shannon’s ranch style home…so perfectly put together

awww thanks for the cudos Shannon and nice job on your label

Show off YOUR Stuff (237)

Sew once again, I have some of you wanting to Strut YOUR Stuff and I’m loving it…keep it coming whatever you are working on…send me pics I LOVE them and sew do all of our followers 😉

Check out her design retracts!

Kathy B was over here on Friday for our stitching day and brought this to show off – WOW how cheery and fresh…this is the start of the new BOM from Leanne Beasley featured in her new Magazine called Vignette. This 16 part bom is in the first 8 issues.  This new amazing magazine by Leanne Beasley and worth every stitch of time to flip through the high gloss coloured pages full of inspiration (a review to come, I promise), recipes and just delightful images of all sorts of things…LOVE it! 

Here’s Robyn’s spectacular Kites for Kids Quilt (pattern and fabric colours by Pastimes Online) pieced and quilted by Robyn…nice job Lucky baby girl she is 🙂

Nice job Robyn, love it!!

Your Projects (220)

This post is dedicated to pictures of YOUR finished projects…

Karen C – was part of our Journey of a Quilter club in 2010 – here’s her finished quilt – looks gorgeous by the way…don’t you just love the buttons? AND how the silk shimmers, nice job Karen!

Here’s another project she wanted to share – I LOVE it!!

And just a little info about Karen, she’s part of our HocusPocus Club this year and she’s not only making a quilt for herself, she’s also making one for each of her Sisters – can you believe that!

This project belongs to Studio Inanna she was a lucky winner of some of our dupioni silks that was a prize on another blog I sponsored a while back but look at what she created – it’s so great!! Thanks for sharing Annie.

Even though she isn’t part of our Pies and Tarts group per se she is working on Pies and Tarts and I thought I would show off what’s she’s doing and her colours because they are stunning!!

This is Shelly’s work, she’s about as far along as our club minus her tart blocks. Isn’t it neat to see these created in a different colour way then ours – love it!! Thanks for sharing your pics Shelly.

 So are you inspired to share some of your projects with me? How about your blog, I always love finding new blogs to read and share with everyone:)

Until next time, stay happy and creative,