Review (entry 36)

For this weeks review, I thought I would give you some insight to blogging and to let you know a little about an excellent book I found at Chapters (here’s a link to Amazon) called Blogging for Bliss. 

It’s written by Tara Frey and it’s loaded with inspiring blogs in the arts and creativity world with an emphasis
how an online journal is a great outlet for our passions and stories and they are to be shared amongst like individuals. She discusses a number of platforms, techniques to enhance and embellish blogs and blogging for profit.


Currently I read about a 100 blogs focussing mostly around quilting, crafting and sewing… but I also enjoy other interests like Urbane Bliss a blog from Lisa Jones as she discusses her kids, politics, religion, parenting and many other daily topics.

 If you have a blog that you would like me to read or comment on, please send me a link.

4 Replies to “Review (entry 36)”

  1. I use to write in a journal since I was 10 years old. Over the last couple of years I seemed to have drifted away from writing and seem to write things here online and on my blog. I still have all my journal books and intend to keep them. I’m not sure if I will ever pass them along to my children or grandchildren. I haven’t got to the stage of deciding yet. For now I keep them in a safe place and write on my blog.

    I love reading everyone’s blogs! It’s nice to step into someone else’s life some days and to get inspired by their wonderful artistic styles!

    Quiltingly Yours

  2. Thanks Andrea, I wrote in a journal when I was a teenager but stopped for whatever reason as I got older. I really enjoy blogging to people that I know and that I will get to know 🙂 it gives me a sense of community with like-minded individuals. I, like you, love to see all of the artistic people out there in blog land.
    Thanks for leaving a comment

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