Guilds and What’s New? (146)

Hi Everyone, what’s new with you? How is your Summer now that it’s coming to a close what did you do? Where did you go?

I’m also curious if you belong to a Guild, if so which one and where? I’m also curious about your Guild format like how often do you meet? Where? How many people? and What are some of the things that you do throughout the year like challenges, mystery quilts, charity projects and so on…

I’m looking for some good ideas and what’s worked for you guys and what do you love about your guild!! I belong to two at the moment and possibly three and they are all so very different and in good ways so the more I hear from all of YOU about what you like and what works the better my guild can be when we incorporate new ideas:)

Thanks Ladies…

Also if you haven’t entered in for the chance to Win a Year long Subscription to Quilters Connection magazine be sure you do, I will be drawing next Friday!!


Kind Words: Heather (144)

Heather belongs to our Club A Kittens Tale block of the Month she also tried to get in on the p.s. i quilt sponsorship giveaway

Thanks for another great giveaway opportunity Val! Love the silks and it’s such a treat working with them in the Kitten Tales BOM.

Thanks so much Heather, I’m so glad your loving them as much as me 🙂

Me Mondays: Humbling Experiences (143)

Hi Ladies and welcome back to Me Mondays, since I’ve been holidays throughout the Northern States we’ve come upon so many antique shops with amazing things in them…I’ve found the cutest Hat Pins, Irons (I need one for each step) and adorable old ladder that will hold cute things (of course) as well as some quilts (2 to be exact). The USA seems to have many more good quality antique stores and a good variety of stuff in them, my dh found an amazing camera (his hobby) that was actually just featured into one of his favourite magazines (ShutterBug) which he was thrilled about…heading to 4 stores to find the magazine to make sure this was the camera well that wasn’t the best part I assure you 😉 but hey the things we do for our hubby’s!

On another note, while searching for these goodies for my studio…driving around in all of these USA towns it struck us to the core how many shops are closed, how many places are empty, we would pass huge shopping centres without any occupants, how does this happen? Many store owners shared their devastating experiences with us and how “hard times” really are. How does the whole shopping centre not have enough business to even keep a few stores open? This was so surprising to me and humbling at the same time…being a business owner myself, I’m appreciative of all of the support around us and being a Canadian we are truly lucky to not have been hit as hard as some of the towns I’ve visited and have supported throughout my holidays. Very humbling experience and I sure do appreciate all of the extra’s we have in life.

Studio Updates (142)

So, I thought I would take some cute shots of the studio, as it’s starting to feel like home, I love being down here, love the windows, and all of the inspiration around me…enjoy this sneak peak…

An old ladder I found while antiquing throughout northern USA…I’ve been looking for one for so long and this one was perfect.

I also found a couple of quilts, log cabin that is truly used and I’m sure it’s missed as well as a lone star – both are around the 30’s and 40’s.

This pic is an adorable basket my Mum bought for me which is sitting in an old pear crate and it’s full of this new silk floss collection I’ve brought in from India. These silk flosses come in 116 colours, and are so gorgeous to handle and work with…beauties.


This shelf below, has had a few displays on it so far and this is the newest one with a family of antique irons from various shops…some cuddle up with a quilt books, inspiring signage…. I love this shelf

This picture of Tig was taken right before the Open House, she’s inspecting my presentation…Did I pass?

Until next time, please enter for this great giveaway, vote on our upcoming block of the month clubs and leave me a comment with your thoughts – would love to hear from you 🙂

Friday: Update I miss you :) (140)

So this summer has been full of holidays and I haven’t gotten much done lately around my studio and so my blog seems to be suffering. I’ve also been sick! Which I hate as it rarely happens to me because I tend to take pretty good care of myself but hey life happens and now I’m sick with a stupid head cold.

I’ve taken a tonne of pics lately of all of my goodies I been purchasing from the most adorable antique markets, malls and shoppes throughout our travels in norther USA and sunny and beautiful British Columbia.

I’m also starting to get the impression that many of you are also on holidays and like me, not following all of your favourite blogs as diligently as we normally would, is that right?

I hope to be back at it come September because I miss staying closely connected with all of your to-do’s and goings-on in the wonderful blogs I read…

So I hope to get back at it soon, get some goods pics out and start back to reading all about all of your YOU soon…

 HELP do any of you have a Stocking Pattern either paper pieced or pieced that you would be willing to share or send me a link to, I need one really badly for our September Guild Meeting….I was thinking more of the Elf style but open to suggestions 🙂

Around the Net: Yarnbombing (139)

So today for my Around the Net, I was over at Susan’s blog which is so adorablely named…Hanging On by a Needle and Thread and she was talking about “Yarnbombing” strange hey?

It’s graffiti in knitting and crocheting, isn’t that a riot? It’s to bring awareness to this art and boy is it ever interesting…

Here’s a few photos, have you ever seen this before?

Until next time, 

e-Interview: Heather McArthur & Giveaway (138)

Hi Everyone and welcome back to Vals Quilting today I have a special guest that some of you may know, Heather McArthur from Quilters Connection Magazine and Quilters Connection Blog. I’m pleased to bring you her amazing interview where she gives us a glimpse of her life as a quilter…enjoy! 


Heather has graciously put up an excellent prize

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will that give you enough chances to win this fantabulous prize?

Would you like to be e-Interviewed by me? Theses are the questions, pretty simple hey? I would love to interview all of my readers, followers, commenters and get to know all of you a bit better please contact me.

Around the Net: Quick Points Ruler (137)

Hi Everyone, in my blog readings lately I came across something for all of you prairie point lovers (like me) out there. There is a time and place for prairie points but let me tell you with this new fandangled ruler – more times and places will be in our future 🙂

This is called the Quick Points Ruler, use it to make Ric-Rac, Prairie Points, Borders and just decorate with zig zags and points to your hearts content. Check out this video to explain everything. Many sizes and ideas on their website Quick Points Ruler