BOM’s Month Two – (203)

Sew here’s the month 2’s that we’re working on now…

There is still room to sign up for some of these if you’re interested just email me or leave a comment and I’ll be in touch!

First: Life is Beautiful, an awesome applique technique, adorable stitchery and a journal about life

Next: HocusPocusVille – easy patchwork, and amazing stitchery…with some beading if you feel so inclined 😉

Truly Scrumptious – simply the cutest stitchery I’ve ever seen 

Pies and Tarts, English Paper Piecing with foundation papers, easy applique and stunning results

cute little plastic storage for the tarts

Crazy Christmas this month we will be completing 3 blocks instead of 2 – how cute are these penguins?

Have I inspired you to maybe try one if you arn’t already? Come on board, lots of good fun and many techniques to help you along:)

Until next time, stay warm, happy and creative!


4 Replies to “BOM’s Month Two – (203)”

  1. Oh I love pies and tarts so much. I regret not signing up for that one too. I got my BOM Beautiful today. Just so ya know. Weird the difference in delivery times hey?


  2. Hi Val!!! I'm so ready to start month 2 of Truly Scrumptious, have it all ready to go and I think I'm settling in for the evening. I love sunday nights, they are great for stitching.
    BTW, I posted pics of my completed January block on my blog, the block is just lovely, so colourful.

  3. Goodness me your fingers are working overtime…the stitching is amazing….I cannot wait to begin my hocus pocus..this is one gem for me…and I love life is beautiful in all those bold purples…
    Ok, this is more thank one project going…I don't know if I could do this lol

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