Cotton Floss Book Review (241)

This is our newest only book that we’re carrying…that’s because Natalie emailed me asking me if I’d be one of the few Canadian shoppes carrying it – I, with pleasure accepted the challenge…so far it hasn’t been to hard to accept this challenge as I sold out of the book from this post.

I love it!! It’s a true gem and would make a great addition to your sewing/quilting and embroidery books in your present stash.

Cinderberry Stitches, Natalie’s company has an amazing way of putting whimsy into everything…she makes you believe in fairies and the cuties in life and takes you back to being a little girl with dreams. All of these come through in the stitcheries she and her team design.

All 12 projects are in full colours and full sizes so no photocopying – thank YOU Natalie:)

Her photos throughout the book are sew inspiring and absolutely delightful…



Sew if you feel so inclined to purchase it for your stash…I have more copies on order so not to worry:) they are on their way…

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