Entries for July (249)

So the Summer seems to be getting in the way of some people’s quilting time I think 🙂 including Mine just a little. Thus my next few posts are being written an uploaded using my iPhone as we’ve been cramming in our favorite Summer activity: Camping. Yep us Moss’ love to camp.
Here’s the entries for July
Danielle with her ever adorable Truly Scrumptious block and Kathy S with her Pies and Tarts blocks.

Nice job ladies!!
The winner this month is Kathy, hmmmm what should the prize be??? Let me look in my studio for something she’d love

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  1. Lovely work ladies! I really must get back into the groove. We just got back from a trip to Edmonton (oh how I wished I knew how far Chestermere was from us – I looked everywhere for a quilt shop and couldn't find a thing!) Maybe at the end of this month I will have an entry. We'll see how things go. I have a couple of block exchanges I need to finish up for September.


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