Sisters (301)

So my sister Lisa called me up and asked if I could give her a hand with a quilt a whole group of friends made for their friend who’s going through a rough time…so I said of course, come on over – what fun we had.

One of her friends assembled the top, so we picked borders and backing, now onto the pinning..


first time Lisa “quilted” a quilt and she sure enjoyed it…nice job Li – ps the gloves worked good hey? (she wasn’t sure the gloves were “all that” but then after a bit she said they were worth it lol)

…binding, the best part, right?

ps her friend LOVED it. This is the true meaning of quilting…when the patches are made by all different people, for one special person, who needs something to snuggle up in and keep her thoughts warm and safe. What a gift…so special.

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