Project Pallet Garden is in effect…

I’m feeling inspired to work in my yard again, I used to plant a vegetable garden years ago but then we bought a holiday trailer and the garden went to seed while we were out enjoying camping…now that we’ve moved and are getting settled into our home, I feel like I’d like to play in the garden again. My Sister inspired me to plant and do “raised” beds as they grow quicker and the results are faster plus there’s less weeds!

I wanted something different and the more I googled “raised garden beds” I found some neat things.

One was a pallet garden box. I fell in love this with idea because of this site Pallet Garden.

So after doing a bunch of research in how to do this- ¬†preparing the pallet for the garden, I marched down to this landscaping and greenhouse that’s a few blocks away called Plantation Garden Center¬†found a couple of FREE pallets ONE for me to use and the other one for parts…

Jeff helped replace a few boards, we picked up the perfect red paint and landscaping fabric to enclose the back – so the dirt doesn’t fall out…

After doing some more reading on a seattle girls blog she mentioned to fill it up with dirt, while it’s on it’s back and let it sit for a few weeks to set the roots etc. I”m all set to put plants in. I have some started, carrots, lettuce, radishes, onions and cucumbers…I’ll get these placed in here tomorrow. I also have some sweet peas ready to go into the dirt too…wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted as to the success of this…I also added my compost bin from the house to help keep the soil nutrient and ready to take the new plants. I’d love to add some succulents to this mix also – plus they are perrennials so that will help increase the longevity of this idea. Have you tried this before? Any tips you can give me? I’ll post pictures once I have this up and attached to my fence or leaning against my fence.

{admiring it from within the house after our power painting episode}

{ready to go…letting it settle over night, will transfer some or all of my plants in it tomorrow}

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