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Dave and Sarah are my guests today and it’s about their Book, Skeletons in my Closet

Hey Everyone, this is part two, it would be advantageous for you to listen to part one first as we delve way more into his book, their partnership in writing it and I’ll finish reading the story from yesterday about his son…more about being undercover, inspiring and life lessons we will get into today.

Page 69 here’s the continuation of the story we left on in the last episode…full disclosure I couldn’t stay composed through this reading of this section by Dave, it was him and his son….First Impressions continue reading this…happy my son, sat in the cart as we made our way….

my guest today

The Book is Called Skeletons in my Closet, Life Lessons from a Homicide Detective. I should mention, the topics discussed in this book are not for children and some of the these might also be triggers as we review crime scenes and stories in some depth. However, it’s all around a basis of what he’s learn, Dave Sweet about being a homicide detective.

Questions Discussed in the InterView

Dave: Tell me about your grandfather, Justice of the Peace for Alberta

Sarah’s Books:

  • Duke out at the Diner
  • Kiss Me in the Rain – Option for a Movie
  • Claiming Love

Sarah: What is the case that has stuck with you?

A Young Boy…


Something else that was so Interesting…

We have this one Guy…

Yeah it’s like what you were saying with words…

Throughout Dave and Sarahs book, there’s little anecdotes of lessons like this:
  • If you wish to keep your relationship in proper balance, remain true to your word
  • Absolutes can be dangerously laminated and void us of creative, advantageous thoughts
  • Define what success actually means to you

When I started this whole podcasting gig and trying to figure out why I wanted to do this, I actually used the word legacy to my hubby – leaving a legacy of me behind for my daughter. An audioblog, and audio scrapbook of my life in these verbal snapshots, hmm I guess I’m not the only parent who fills this way.

Tomorrow we delve in their partnership, cases that stuck with them and the people in these cases, how the stories and the lessons came to be and much more.

let’s discuss Skeletons in my Closet, Life Lessons from a Homicide Detective
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