Antique Quilts Found (168)

This log cabin was truly loved and seeing it in all it’s original fabrics, hand quilted was amazing…A close-up of the detail in the blocks and fabrics used. It was entirely hand quilted, some of the fabric as you can see are disintegrating…I LOVE IT!

This next quilt has an incredible background, might have even been old sheeting or something as it’s so soft. The Chevron border is something you just don’t see today and boy does that make the quilt.

All hand quilted…but you know, one thing that struck me was none of the quilts I found had a label, whether it had worn off through the years or there just wasn’t one to begin with. It’s a bit sad really…

Any ideas of the age of these quilts? The merchants said the Log Cabin was 30’s-40’s and the Lone Star was 20’s -30’s do you think this is right?

I really wanted to find my company name in authentic antique children’s building blocks…

The story goes…there were two large ziploc bags filled with building blocks but to be sure about my specific letters I needed to open the bags and see…the lady was interested also to see if what I needed was in there so we started spelling the name…some of the “n’s” were actually “z’s” and some of the blocks were larger then others (which I loved). There was only this one “L” and it’s old and warn but it worked great!! The lady actually said she had an “L” at home and could bring it for me the next day – what a sweetheart! I was from out of town and thought this “L” would work perfectly…it was also cute because other shoppers were walking by and helping us pick out the letters we needed – what a fun experience!

Until next time, stay happy and creative 🙂

Advice to Paint or Not to Paint (114)

Hi Everyone, I need your advice…to paint or not to paint…hmmm I’m so torn

Last summer my hubby and I decided to go exploring in rural and southern Alberta, we love to get into the car and just see where the road takes us. I usually bring a load of stitching, we make a picnic lunch, bring our cameras, binoculars and head for the highway with not generally a destination in site – yes this is what we love to do 🙂

So, we came upon this abandoned farm, pulled the car in and almost got eaten entirely by mosquitos (B$st@*ds) but decided to peak into some of these abandoned buildings – carefully of course. And found this ironing board with cover it was coated in bird droppings amongst other things…I wanted it and so after convincing my hubby we had to pull off the disgusting cover and put in in the car..YUCK. We left it in the garage all winter to kill whatever might be living inside lol.

This pic is after I already started sanding it as it was much worse with “stuff”covering it before I started:


I also have some old brass hooks that I found. So here’s where I’m torn, hubby says to leave it natural and I say to paint it the same satin weave (off whiteish) as my work bench. I want to hang it on my wall as you come down the stairs and put quilts and goodies on the worn brass hooks…thoughts, advice, help please…

thanks so much…

Quilt Canada 2010 (entry 107)

Hi Everyone, so now we have 20 people in for the amazing 100th Blog Giveaway that I’m hosting..WooHoo! Please tell your friends 🙂

I’m writting this blog today (Wed) as I’ve been so busy with Quilt Canada (2 days volunteering) and filling up with inspiration while I’m there…I’m also getting ready for my Lakeside Guild’s Quilt Show on Sat where I will have my first booth, please wish me luck and if you come by to see the show please say “hi” to me I would love to meet you and chat with you!!

So short but sweet today 🙂 A little sneak-a-peak from Quilt Canada

These birds were calling my name…I could almost hear them “tweet” “tweeting” amazing work.

Look at the detail she put into their faces, incredible…

I loves this colour gradient, jesters hat. I don’t think it’s a Jesters Hat but I do love the concept and she talked about travelling through our lives and the changes we go through, amazing…AND the background I think is silk which you know I love!

 These cherry blossoms were almost moving in the breeze, all 3 dimensional and the quilting is stunning…

This one is so dainty, it’s all created with half square triangles and pieced, so beautiful…
























So…a bit of a sneak-a-peak, I’m volunteering today (Wed) and will for sure get more photos, I’ll update soon 🙂

Until next week, have happy and creative days, I’ll have so much to update you on, I’m so excited!!