Me Mondays: HST Charges – with Regrets! (187)

Since July 1st those of you who live in Canada have heard the big debate about whether to charge the HST, GST and the combined tax with some of the Canadian provinces…

I’ve heard everything from “buy from HST free provinces” to “no Albertans don’t pay or charge HST” 

After many hours of research, and every time Pastimes Online ships to a HST province we get billed to ship to this province, I’m not doing business with the province I’m doing business with my local Post Office in Alberta a HST free province, am I not? The person living in Ontario who purchased from me doesn’t pay HST because I live in Alberta, and we aren’t a HST province, right?

Confused? I am!

So after much review of the tables, taxes and provinces, unfortunately Pastimes Online will now be charging HST (appropriate amount) to their customers from the applicable provinces – with much regret!


Any advice or insight you can provide to me that’d be much appreciated!

Here’s the Tax Tips document I used to find out the appropriate rates…

2 Replies to “Me Mondays: HST Charges – with Regrets! (187)”

  1. Oh yes, as a lucky BCer, I get charged HST whenever I shop anywhere else in the country whether they have HST or not. Gotta love the government. I can only hope that the over throw campaign of the HST tax here in BC continues on and wins. Is it any wonder I shop mostly in the US these days? Except for here of course.

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