Dear Jane a2 – One Two Buckle My Shoe

The Deets!
  • Originally Completed: April 23, 2022
  • Technique: Pieced
  • Number of Pieces: 40
  • Blocks Completed to Date: 2

(get your Dear Jane book coil bound, cost +/- $5 at Staples…trust me, it makes things easier)


On the front of my paper I figure out the block, plan, measure and do the math, which I’m getting better at (altho it took me forever to balance my spreadsheet at work today, lol I even had to get my dead daughter involved).


The back of the sheet I write my thoughts, the date of completion and any notes of encouragement.

I did go on a work trip to Winnipeg aka Winterpeg as some people refer to it as…have you been there? The date of the trip was shortly after I completed this block, when here in Calgary the weather was becoming nice, we were planning our gardens. When arriving in Winnipeg, it was swirling wind and super cold, we spent the day outside walking around auditing signage (I’ll share more about my job in coming posts). The city is hardened it seems and the people seems cold lol.


It’s imperative to take the time to measure and pre-cut each piece, square up all individual pieces as well as the final half-square triangle (hst).


This fabric is so bold and modelled next to the flecked muslin – love this contrast and the blended nature of the fabric.

I found this block to be a bit tricky with forty (40) pieces in a 5″ unfinished (uf) block size, that’s a finite amount of piecing room. Some sections I had to re-do 3 times to make sure it was going the right way.

The note on my planning paper about Karate…I have quite vivid dreams and this particular was likely a reflection of my guilt, I’m in Karate, Shotokan style, and I’ve been taking it for the last several years like 5 or so years, level 4 (green belt) and I train with my daughter. However when Covid hit we took a hiatus like the rest of life, we tried to get back into it but it’s been a struggle – it’s indeed real and my pants are asking me ‘why?’ So when you perform for the next level (belt up) you perform infront of the whole class and your Sensai (coach) – and in my dream I couldn’t remember my kata (routine) – woke up with regret…


this ^^ round table is actually an antique piano stool, circa 1890s (wish I played) I use it as my stool to sew on, it swivels, has claw feet with glass balls, and just the most perfect backdrop for these little blocks. The scissors are 4″ Gingher Scissors in the Cheetah theme – they used to come out with a theme each year – check out this awesome photo to give you an idea.

Question on parenting, for the summer we negotiated with my 10 yo girl about screen time, first I will say she’s a great sleeper, good humoured kit, stays up late (later than me some nights) and sleeps in till 10am or later on weekends…so for the summer we decided to give her Saturdays as carte blanche with her iPad and screen time…what do you do?

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