Quilters Connection Magazine (entry 27)

Fall of 2009 Quilters Connection Magazine: a magazine for Canadian Quilters written by quilters for quilters put out their first issue. I was so excited to get my first issue of this magazine, I’ve wanted Canada – someone out there to produce a magazine that all of us Canadians can relate too…we read so many awesome American and Australian magazines (that we will no doubt continue to read) and now we have our very own – thanks Heather McArthur.

If you read about Heather and her mission for this magazine it is truly inspiring. I love so much about this magazine, from the way it’s laid out – so easy to flip through – I really think the colours are fabulous that she has incorporated as well as all of the content.

I found out about this magazine through Michele Foster from Quilting Bloggers as she wrote an article in this first issue of the magazine called “The Virtual Quilting Bee: how quilters connect online and outlined everything I’m going through starting Pastimes Online – thanks Michelle – so easy to understand it was like you wrote this to me;)

Here’s the front cover image to give you a bit of an idea for the feel…


isn’t this so adorable?

she’s included different projects from all sorts of people, charities etc. She has some adorable patterns, a shop review (Veronica’s Sewing Supplies, Kindersley, Saskatchwan)

Currently you can only purchase this magazine from local quilt stores and boutiques (there is a listing on the back page of the magazine – please visit her website for details & subscriptions. I will carry the next issue of the magazine as I’m advertising in it & she is featuring my cotton thread cones so stay tuned:) I will more than likely carry it on an on-going basis also just because I am so proud that we have it!

Our very own Quilters Connection Magazine for Canadians.

She also features a “Show & Tell” page…if you have something you want to tell or show here’s where you can be featured for some special you’ve created – this issue is was on Cathie King (Pentincton, BC) Nice job on the portrait quilt Cathie!!

She has a “favourite finds” page showcasing all of their favourites…some good books and ideas here. Quilt Shows and Events Listings…so far no Alberta Shows are listed…hmm we might have to fix that for the next issue. If you know of or are hosting a show yourself in Alberta – please email me your dates and times and I will add them into my Quilting in Alberta under Alberta Quilt Shows – also send Heather an email as well and she will add them to her list.

Last but not least she also has a newsletter – you can sign up for it on her website here and it will be emailed to you – it’s a bi-monthly newsletter with some great stuff in it including a free pattern.

Here’s her initial blurb at the beginning of the newsletter to give you a taste of what in store:

“Dear Quilting Friends, 

Welcome to the first ‘official’ issue of Loose Threads, Quilter’s Connection Magazine’s newsletter filled with tips, techniques and projects to inspire all quilters.  In this issue, we have a great article on labeling your quilt, a scrappy little fall project, a list of upcoming quilt shows, and a sneak peak at what’s in our Winter issue of the magazine, due out December 1st!

Happy Quilting! ~ Heather”

I don’t think it can get any better than this – Quarterly Magazine…Next Issue will be ready to purchase Dec 1st-09, bi-monthly newsletter…it is twice the fun. Enjoy!!

Knitting Break (entry 26)

So Jackie from Jackie’s Stitches Blog I love this blog and have it in my RSS feeds so I don’t miss a thing!! She is a quilter and a knitter and some of you quilters out there are also knitters…well I’ve been taking a break from quilting and started picking up my needles lately – mostly for Christmas presents and hostess gifts.

Anyway, I was reading Jackie’s blog and she had the cutest knitting needle keeper so I had to tell her about mine from my Mum I think in the 70’s she made it – here’s the pics Jackie – just for you;)


Closed and Tied!!

Open obviously…love it!

Here’s some of the cloths I’ve whipped up…I always wonder why they make the cute little cotton dishcloth balls of yarn so small…I always have this little bit left over like enough to do just 1/4 or 1/2 of the next one…so I’ve improvised some of them

All of these below I didn’t use a pattern just made them up out of my own experiences with knitting.

this one is showing using up the speckled yarn and adding in the plain

More to come, I’m also working on some scarves…

Stettler Alberta Trip (entry 4)

So in the Country Register for Alberta which is a newspaper dedicated to Quilters, Crafters, Sewing, Retreat Locations, Scrap Bookers – everything that we love!!

Anyway in there was a notice for a fabric store going out of business – store called Harriette’s Fabric Place – so my hubby and I took the day and drove out there to see the deals and to go for a drive and take pictures as we both love to photograph Alberta’s countryside. So we made a day out of it.

We spent sometime chatting with Harriette about her store…she’s been in business for over 30 years – has quite an amount of fabrics for sewing and quilting, loads of notions, buttons, floss, etc.

For those of you Albertan’s she’s marking everything down 35% + and in Nov 50%+ she wants to be closed by December…some great deals.

such a cute store

Well after shopping (I didn’t go too spendy as I want to go back for the 50% off sale;)) Afterwards we decided to find a nice local cafe to eat at – we always try to eat where the locals eat – we found Maggie Joes – adorable little place with the most amazing service – we even got free pie – can you believe that that never happens in a big city hey?

It’s owned by a family – the guy working the front kept talking about all of his sisters providing advice and direction to him – it was so much fun.

I totally recommending stopping into this town about 1 hour East of Red Deer…


On our way home we stopped at this scary looking antique shop (but arn’t they all a little worse for ware lookin’)

We didn’t find anything great but he sure had a load of stuff

Enjoy – V



Freezer Paper Example (entry 25)

For those of you who listen to Alison Rosen’s podcast on iTunes & Blog Within a Quarter Inch She recently did a podcast and blog questionnaire about freezer paper. Most quilters use it for many applications – see her blog for a bit of a list.

One of the suggestions I mentioned (yes I was featured on her podcast – how cool is this!!) was using it in an awkward space as a template – well I heard her podcast today…and I’m not sure it made sense once read outloud…“And also templates – if you want the perfect piece but not sure how to cut it out – use freezer paper to fill in the opening, add 1/4″ seam allowance, cut, and sew into place – this is the most useful application I’ve found for freezer paper.” This is what I said…now for my demonstration

This is the frame of the label for my Pinkie Lee quilt I finished, I used the left over dresden fan tips from the front, sewed them together and then I had to come up with the circle in the center…some of you would probably use a protractor but I don’t have one of those (hmm that could change if I continue working with circles)

take a scrape piece of freezer paper, place in the opening (or over it in this case) trace out the exact shape (or rough shape for my demo) DO NOT adhere to the fabric at this point.

cut out roughly the shape or exact shape like if you were using this method of inset triangles (this is how I figured out this method way back when)

now adhere to your fabric for your label on the wrong side of the fabric, cut approx 1/4″ or more (in this case), press with dry iron. (button is so my camera can focus on the white – she’s so picky;))

Write out your label with pigma pen, press seam allowance under while freezer paper is still attached to give you a nice smooth finished edge – remove freezer paper before sewing to your quilt with a whip stitch.

Good luck!!



Purchases (entry 24)

While we were at the retreat we went into Sundre (just about 5 min from where we stayed) and they had the cutest iron on transfers…so many of us bought these – so adorable

Ducks – my MIL and me love ducks.

couldn’t resist the dogs

more puppy’s (see I couldn’t resist)

When I was at the creative stitches show, I found these excellent scrap booking letters that I use for applique – works great and they were a good price. Since I purchased these at the show I have seen these chipboard letters at the dollar store for $1 – I paid $6 and thought that was a steal.

I will do a tutorial on these in the near future so you can see what I mean…

found this cute pattern for pin cushions…which I will have to make aren’t these awesome? Who wouldn’t like one of these by their sewing machine?

Retreat (entry 23)

Okay ladies, I spent the weekend at the Rustler’s Lodge with a group of fabulous women. I created a few things that I absolutely love, had some amazing laughs – roll of the floor kin 😉 and didn’t sleep much – pretty much all of the compulsory items for retreat.


This was the cutest teddy bear made with a furry fabric, appliqued onto a little girls quilt made by Wilma 

The cheeriest coffee style of place mats made by Alison C – set of 6 arn’t they adorable – love the colours.

Another masterpiece put up on the design wall to help for colour placement – Dianne P – she has such good eye for colour.

Not sure who this was made for but Cathy B did such a great layout – for a girl for sure!! Love the striped sashing and the corner stones.

My mom’s log cabin with the chenille centers – so perfect!!

almost done, last colour added

completed design

Then I got into making these sew, so cute aprons from my mum’s book


main body

close up for attaching the scallop in another colour

completed – love it!!

colour option 2

completed option 2

(it was a little dark in the room when I took this pic)

This is the finished option 3 – this one Mum and I thought that the scallop and waistband want’s really the best colour – in the end we liked this one the BEST! 

Melissa’s Misstake (entry 3)

There is the coolest restaurant in Banff called Melissa’s Misstake they have the best home cooked food and they are also very famous for their annual Road Race to raise money for an array of different things over the years.

In their country style of restaurant they have 2 quilts hanging there are no dates or who made them – they are hung on some sort of press board wrapped around the edges – they are showing some definite wear but still make the place warm and cozy.

Creative Stitches Show – Calgary (entry 2)

I spent the majority of Friday at the Creative Stitches show in Calgary & loved the show. There was a huge mix of quilting stores from here to Chilliwack, BC, Red Deer, AB, Edmonton, AB & so many more locations from Western Canada.

The first booth I stopped at was the Quilts of Valour booth and these people were so great – they have such an amazing mission and we should all stand behind them and our soldiers – if you have anything to donate or would like to donate please contact them.

this was an absolutely gorgeous quilt that belonged to them going to someone special fighting for us and I couldn’t resist taking the photo.

a pile of quilts on a chair in their booth waiting to be shipped out.

the cutest little Yo-Yo bear at a bear booth – so adorable.

another cute quilt on display as you can see this is a Freckles Designed pattern.

I loved the colours in this quilt and the images of the flowers

some more welcoming patterns and samples throughout the show

thought this display was so cute and their prices were excellent. 

Sawdust & Tangled Threads

don’t you just love the colours in this booth – so nicely setup

Quiltopia: this booth was so busy – very hard for me to capture it

Cats Ahoy is a mobile adoption center for cats in Calgary – those of you who have cats know how important a cause like this is, if you want to make a donation it would be greatly appreciated!! 

There was also loads of Scrap Booking stores, booths, lectures, etc – well worth it for Scrap Bookers as some of the places were so enticing that I wanted to take up this awesome hobby.

Savvy n Sassy was one of the cutest scrap booking booths we stopped at…Rhea Marriott and Jaklin Piper own this little online shop in Red Deer, Alberta – she is in the process of looking for a brick and mortar shop but for now they are online and in shows.

these little cuties were for a “make and take” class she did at the show.

the cutest fruit bowl with a collection of small photo albums

these ladies had so many ribbon options – so colourful and fun.

I spent quite a bit of time in this booth and now you can see why.




Fall Fair 09, Lakeside Quilters Guild in Chestermere, Alberta, Canada (1)

 Hello everyone, please take the time to look through some of our most prized possessions…our Quilts!! Leave comments if you like – we would love the feedback.

Our Lakeside Quilters Guild Banner

Some of our UFO’s (unfinished objects)

This is a cheery round robin quilt we did as guild sisters – Kathy thank you for donating this to charity.

Debbie Cooks Collection: This Dragonfly quilt is hand pieced & quilted in Vietnam

Valerie Moss: top Mystery Quilt, bottom Pinky Lee

Kathy made this for Alison in return for helping Kathy with some landscaping – just what Alison needed for the new niece in her family…nice hand quilting Kathy!

Left to Right – Wilma (in charge of Fairs & Shows – Good Job Wilma), Alison (Past President) and Kathy (our in-house expert hand quilter)

If you are interested in tickets, we will be selling them at Heritage Park or if you want to purchase tickets you can contact Kim

some of Kathy’s amazing hand quilting 

(love this picture so much – I want this quilt so beautiful)

Valerie Moss: loved this little chenille monthly quilt

This is Wilma’s Quilt diva – She is such a RIOT!!

Elke Dubois make these (above and below)

this is a quilt from Debbie Cooks collection of handmade quilts from Vietnam

Alison made this central beauty and it’s for someone special in her family – whoever that is is so lucky!

Debbie Cooks Mystery Quilt

Hi Kathy – thanks for posing for me;)


Inchie Quilts (entry 22)

Another project through Quilting Bloggers and Michelle which was sort of a fun project. I’m glad I tried it as it turned out pretty cute.

They are called Inchie Quilts and Nadine Ruggles designed these cute little morsels.

I ended up doing 2 different ones:

I didn’t do mine exactly the way Nadine instructs as I didn’t have the plastic so i used two layers of fusible fleece

After the free motion quilting

Cutting them apart – I made mine 1.5″ square instead of 1″ as I wanted to show more of my pattern

Cut them up into 6 pieces

another 6 pieces I seem to always do things in two’s when I’m trying something new

Here’s the 2 together

Close up of the green and tan one

Here’s the pink and tan one – love these buttons!!